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Consciousness to unity (English Version)

“Humans aspire to drive, but clearly can not do it. Why? Why do not you know it’s only in the spirit that should find it. Out of mind, enters on a host.

The hostility, possessiveness, all tendencies to consider themselves different from others, foreign to them, come from the fact that the man had departed from this state of perfection in which all spirits identified with the Divine Spirit, form one.

On the drive never appears the least hostile demonstration. Some beings were so far in this experience of unity that feel vibrate in unison with all creatures: there is no separation, all souls and spirits all vibrate in unison, and they feel what happens to others as if it happened to themselves .

Is precisely the aim of Initiation Science: humans to take this unity consciousness. ”

“The science of connection – that is what is really a religion. There is no point repeating the believers that the word religion comes from the Latin religare (reconnect), on their heads they just have separations.

You say, “But the connection implied by the word religion is the connection with God.”

Agreed, but what does a connection with God that is accompanied by a separation from the rest? …

What binds the Creator to the creatures also links together all creatures and all elements of Creation.

True religion is to understand this connection, it also implies, therefore, science, knowledge of nature, of its laws. Therefore, the separation between science and religion that some are so proud of is nonsense.

If the separation between religion and science, it is because, in fact, not understood neither the one nor the other. “


Una respuesta

  1. Very nice post–“the science of connection, that is what is really a religion”–I agree and, it seems to me, one can even extend this reasoning. For instance:

    Because human self-awareness, life, and the physical-chemical processes that support life, are all embedded in divine extensive connection, humans are born with the potential to right the wrongs caused by “ignorance based injustices.” The values used to judge right from wrong follow from the extensive connection process; that is, values used to judge right from wrong are life affirming and freedom affirming values. Thanks for the opportunity to post!

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