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What is the matter of 2012? (English version)

That question is very fashionable these days, and there are many misconceptions about it, mostly through ignorance and fear. In an attempt to give some light on the subject, the Reiki master, Adolfo Lobato, saw fit to write a brief explanation and post it to your website, I have taken the liberty to reproduce here, I expect them to be useful.


Kid Buddha

Here the text of the Teacher:

On 22 December 2012 begins on earth a spiritual age in which mankind love will emanate throughout the universe.

Through the ages we have been concerned about the future of humanity. Different prophecies have emerged and have been announced crowd of disasters. We have often scared of what was said. . What will be will be a growing awareness of humanity, what we really are within ourselves, which is what we asked and we have been preparing for long.

We were made in the image and likeness of God. The perfection of God have we, God does nothing imperfect. Living in the heart of God He gave us the greatest gift we have received: FREE WILL. At some point we decide to live an adventure on the physical plane, for which we needed a physical body. When we got it and live there for a period of time, we forget our divine nature and stay out of our connection with God, and we are filled with fears and feelings of low frequency vibration. With all this we created a series of veils that has prevented us remember our divine origin. We have forgotten that we are like Divine Spirit of God and therefore that our essence is immortal.

We have lived thousands of incarnations, and we also had thousands of experiences with death, do not remember, so we dread the thought of dying.

The time we live is of great opportunities. In Reiki we have a very powerful statement: “Things change around us to make us better, if a negative event seems at first sight, it will change positively.

Reiki practitioners have the opportunity to transform any negative experience into a positive experience.

We are rapidly approaching December 21th, 2012, ending date of the change process and the energies accelerate even more. The vibrational frequency of the earth is increasing rapidly, and the inhabitants of us as well, but not at the same pace, because we stop the negative energies from our system of beliefs, feelings and negative emotions that we generate daily.

To receive the new era of 2012 is necessary to change habits, customs, heal negative emotions and feelings that make us suffer and lose vibration. In Reiki we learn to overcome our limitations in the techniques we use energy in the universe. Therefore we say in the Mexican College Usui Reiki Ryoho: We raise our vibrational frequencies with the techniques of Reiki and then we have a great opportunity to grow in these times of change and often located in the same land for at the time we move up to size higher.

November 2009

In love and service.

Adolfo Lobato